Project Genesis is a US-registered charity that supports severely disadvantaged children living in crisis and chronic poverty around the world. Our focus is on people who are not easily reached by other organisations and charities in these areas:

  • Children and families living in chronic poverty in urban slums
  • Children and families living in marginalised rural communities
  • Child victims of neglect, abuse, trafficking and exploitation
  • Children out of family care, particularly street and working children
  • Children and families at risk of crisis

Project Genesis wants to enable socially and economically excluded children to fulfil their potential by improving their wellbeing, supporting their development and reducing the impact of discrimination and social injustice. Project Genesis works with local partners and bodies in different countries to build quality projects with lasting effects for children and families at grassroots level.

Established in 2012, Project Genesis empowers communities and implements projects on a local level. It strives to be different from other organisations in that it doesn’t aim to give short-term benefits to large numbers of children, but instead focuses on using innovative and tailored approaches to help the most at-risk children make real long-term changes in their lives.